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Vision Wkr

Your Brand.

Striking Design, Social Brilliance, Every Time.

Elevate your online presence with our expert web design services, where striking visuals, responsive excellence, and user-centric focus converge to create a standout digital identity.

Visually Striking

Website Design

Smooth and Seamless

Social Media Management

Enhance your brand's social presence with our expert social media management services, where strategic content creation, and engagement optimization, converge for maximum impact.


Incredibly Alluring

Graphic Designs

Transform your brand's visual identity with our skilled graphic design services, where creativity meets strategy to deliver compelling and distinctive visual elements. From captivating logos to eye-catching marketing collateral, we bring your vision to life.

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Sales Elevating

Social Media Marketing Plan

Empower your business with our strategic marketing plan writing services, where expertise meets innovation to craft compelling and actionable strategies tailored to your unique goals.

Our Latest Projects

 Working with us means you are choosing to work with a company that is constantly imagining something better and uniquely different.


We've Worked With the Best Clients 

Thank you for lending your time and amazing talent to help me create a "Wow" Powerpoint for the upcoming Women's Leadership Forum event. You are extremely talented and I appreciate you helping me take this event to the next level!!!
Jan - Buffalo, NY

Our Pricing

All plans are charged a separate one-time set-up fee of $99. This fee includes costs associated with marketing research and the purchase of designs and graphics.


Monthly Plans are billed starting on the date of your choice. Pricing does not include set-up costs needed for ongoing website hosting, web domain name, etc. Web hosting/management rights are transferred after 6 months of payments have been made.

***NEW! Professional & Enterprise Plans now include Blog Writting Services!!! Select the Package below to learn more!***


or $1,128/yr (Save 5%)

Establish an online presence & engage with customers.​

One Time Set up

  • Setup fee $99 - billed separately (Includes costs associated with marketing research and purchase of graphics)

  • 4 New Website Pages (for 1 domain/brand)

  • 2 Website Apps (i.e. social media buttons, live chat, membership signup area, product quiz, intranet, etc.)

Website Management

  • 1 Website Page Redesign


Social Media (SM) Design/ Management 

  • 1 Social Media Platform (Includes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Quora, Reddit, TikTok, Snapchat and more! Design involves the creation of a banner and avatar image. Management involves posting consistent content and responding to comments and inquiries if needed)

  • 8 SM Posts (Averages to 2 posts per week)

  • 2 SM Content Types (Content types refer to the way the content is presented on each social media platform. This could include polls, quotes, videos, etc.)

Dont' see a package that works for you? Let us build one for you! BYO Packages can include any combintation of our Add On Services and are priced on the Add on page.

How It Works


Tell us Your Vision

During our introductory meeting we will get to know you, your business and your vision for the project.


We'll Make a Plan

We'll draft up a plan that will outline the scope of the project to include a timeline of when deliverables will be met.


We'll Work for You

We will begin working with you and helping you manage your online brand, checking in to ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire process. All you have to do is sit back and relax

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Let Us Work for You

Get Started Today!
  • What is Help Mii?
    Help Mii is an online self-help tool that can be used to give yourself advice about different problems you face.
  • What is Self-Counseling?
    Self-counseling is an effective method of exploring how your mind works, and how you behave in different situations, taking you on a journey of self-discovery. The objective is to uncover ways you can have more effective control of everyday situations, enabling you to make continued progress.
  • Is Help Mii right for me?
    Help Mii may be right for you if you're looking to improve the quality of your life. Whenever there is anything that interferes with your happiness or prevents you from achieving your goals, we may be able to help. Help Mii is not the right solution for you if any of the following is true: -You have thoughts of hurting yourself or others -You are a minor or you are under the care of a legal guardian -You are in an urgent crisis or an emergency situation -You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or if you have been advised to be in psychological supervision or psychiatric care -You were required to undergo therapy or counseling either by a court order or by any other authority
  • What is the Self-Counseliing Tool?
    Our tool will generate a custom 7-part solution designed to give you insight on yourself & how to solve your own problems.
  • How does the tool work?
    Help Mii is easy to use. Simply answer the questions provided about your problem or issue and our tool will generate a custom solution that you can use to hep yourself through your problem.
  • How long can I use Help Mii?
    This depends on your needs and varies a lot from one person to another. Some people feel they get most of the value after just one use, while others prefer to come back and use it several times. This is completely up to you.
  • Who are the counselors?
    Help Mii is designed so that you can become empowered to resolve your own problems.
  • Who will be helping me?
    We believe that you have what it takes to solve most of your own issues. After you recieve your custom solution, use it to change your circumstance.
  • Can Help Mii be a substitue for traditional face-to-face counseling?
    Help Mii it's not capable of substituting for traditional face-to-face therapy in every case. Your solution will let you know if a professional is suggested.
  • How much does it cost?
    Help Mii is available to use for $1.99 per use. Traditional and online counseling costs range from $35/wk to $250/hr.
  • Can I be reinbursed by my insurance?
    Services offered using this site are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.
  • How is my privacy protected?
    We only require your email address so that we can send you your custom solution. We do not ask for your name and all responses are kept confidential. Your email address is not shared and any marketing material that you recieve from us will only be to check on your progress. You can opt out of our emails at any time. Please see our Privacy Policy.
  • How does pricing on Vision Worker compare to other companies who provide similar services?
    Vision Worker is a strategic marketing company that primarily provides website design and social media content . The typical cost to design a website ranges between $27 to $60 per hour while the cost to develop the site can go up to $100 to $180 per hour. On average, hourly social media managers or freelance social media specialists can charge anywhere from $15-$50 an hour. Here's how Vision Worker compares to other sites who offer similar services: Web Design Companies Wix Designer - $50 per hour GoDaddy Custom Website Design - starts at $99 (price may vary depending on size and complexity of project) Social SinQ - $99/month Vision Worker will design a custom website and manage your social media content for as low as $99/month.
  • Do you require clients to sign a contract?
    No, we do not require our clients to sign any contractual agreements. At Vision Wkr, we believe in providing flexibility to our clients and allowing them to make decisions that best suit their needs. Our clients are free to cancel their services with us at any time without any penalty or fees. We strive to maintain a positive and transparent relationship with our clients, and we believe that offering a no-contract policy is one way to achieve this goal.
  • Do you monitor the pages for comments, messages, and reviews?
    No, we do not monitor the pages for comments, messages, and reviews. However, we encourage our clients to share their feedback with us so we can improve our services to meet their needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly through our website or email. We are always here to help you achieve your educational goals.
  • How do I get started?
    To get started with Vision Wkr, simply set an appointment with us. During this appointment, we will get to know you and your business and create a tailored plan for social media and website management. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your online presence accurately reflects your brand and reaches your target audience. Contact us now to schedule an appointment today!
  • How long does it take to get started and set up with Vision Wkr?
    At Vision Wkr, we understand that time is of the essence and our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The amount of time it takes to get started and set up can vary depending on the scope and complexity of your specific project. We will work efficiently to make sure that the process is as streamlined as possible and can typically have you up and running within a few days to a few weeks. We will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded every step of the way. We value your time and resources and pride ourselves on providing high-quality services that are tailored to your unique needs. Rest assured that with Vision Wkr, you will receive the support and guidance needed to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.
  • How much work is needed from me on my end?
    We are here to save you time. Once you have completed the vision questionnaire we may ask you for passwords and website content (i.e. bio, pictures, pricing, services, etc.). After that, there is nothing else we need from you apart from any info you have about promotions, events, or offers should you want us to promote them.
  • Does each plan really come with website design services every month?
    Website services and social media services are combined in our management packages to offer clients an affordable way to update and manage their website and social media accounts all in one package. Although website design services are offered in a monthly management package plan, the need for these services changes as the customer's needs change over time. Once your website is completed and you no longer need design services, each package offers you website upkeep services that include the ability to re-design or add to your existing website. Please see our pricing packages for details.
  • What if I don't need everything that is included in a management package?
    All of our packages can be customized by substituting work that requires the same amount of time out for others. We can even create a completely different plan for you if all you need is social media management, for example. BYO Packages can include any combination of our Add On Services and are priced on the Add on page under "Our Pricing" on the home page.
  • Will you buy stock images for me?
    Yes. We will purchase the images for your website and/or social media posts. We use stock image websites to buy professional images so that you don’t have to pay a photographer for professional crisp images.
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