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Help Mii

Find a solution to every personal problem.

The Self-Counseling tool for those who dare to
think differently

What is Self-Counseling?

Self-counseling is an effective method of exploring how your mind works, and how you behave in different situations, taking you on a journey of self-discovery. The objective is to uncover ways you can have more effective control of everyday situations, enabling you to make continued progress.

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Try it and Experience the difference

Try the Online
Self-Counseling Tool

Our tool will generate a custom 7-part solution designed to give you insight on yourself & how to solve your own problems.


How does it work?

Improve your life

Marriage & Relationships

Chronic Illness

Death or Tragedy



And more!


Relieve Your Mind

Express your feelings freely without hurting anyone. Answer questions about what you're going through.

Ready for the Workout

Being Grateful

Make Better Decisions

Use your 7 part solution to change yourself and resolve your situation.

Resolving with Others

Changing Your Mindset

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Encouraging Yourself

Mind growing plant
Man stretching
Man praying

Doing Some Inner Work


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Recognizing Triggers & Patterns

A myriad of custom solutions are waiting for you

Benefits & Features

It's Time to Become More Confident

Discover how to change your environment and drastically transform your circumstance.

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That's it!

How it Works

1. Make Time

Choose a place where you can be alone for ​3-5 minutes uninterrupted. 

Question mark

 2. Answer Honestly

Respond to each question as thoroughly as possible (vent as much as you want). We do not ask for your name and your responses are kept confidential.

(Please see our FAQ's or Privacy Policy)


3. Receive a Custom Solution

After reviewing your responses a custom-tailored solution will be generated. Purchase yours for $1.99

How It Works

Why Help Mii?

Why Help Mii

About Us


Honestly? HelpMii is brand new. The idea birthed out of my personal testimony. I've often found myself in unique situations where I couldn't talk to anyone about my issues. This has left me in a hard position of trying to figure out how to resolve things on my own. But God has always been an ever-present help for me in the time of trouble. This tool was created as a written version of the conversations that I had with Him when I was going through. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. 

- Canden

About Us
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